Curated List of Depositions in the Ira Kleiman v. Craig Wright Court Case

joshua 1 year ago bitcoincourtcsw

I have seen many social media posts referencing screenshots and blurbs from various depositions of this notorious court case around whether Craig Wright and David Kleiman had a partnership, entitling David's brother Ira to half of mined Bitcoins and intellectual property.

What is missing is a curated repository of all the depositions so that one can easily read from without having to dig through attachments on the Court Listener site.

Behind the paywall is a direct link with who is being deposed and the record date of every deposition I could find.

Around 40 depositions are linked, along with notable documents linked I thought would interest the reader.

Please let me know of any feedback and if I missed any.

Will tip for additions.

Happy reading!