I am kind of new to the cryptocurrency scene.

astracamo 7 months ago

I did my research into the different coins and found BSV the most promising concerning micropayments and social media interaction. I don't see that happen for other coins.

  • BTC: this is more of an investment/asset class instead of money
  • BTC + Lightning Network: this comes closest to money as liquidity is added but limited enterprise accommodation.
  • XRP: I could not find utility for individual users other than for organizing interfaces between banks
  • BCH: an unnecessary fork of BTC
  • LTC: why have LTC when you can have BTC?
  • ETH: I don't know what it is but I think this will stay in the R&D phase for the next decade with a likely option it will always stay in that phase. It is a puzzle to me that an unstable R&D project is so valuable in terms of market cap
  • ERC20 coins: shitcoins and scamcoins

The one big drawback for BSV is an image problem. It is perceived as a scam as some of its proponents actually behave like them and act like a cult. Once this is washed out, BSV could fully prosper.