I tried not watching any corona virus news for couple of days beside checking the unfortunate raising numbers that show a desperate situation in my home country Italy as well as other European countries.

framore 1 year ago

Today I realized that this is really heavy, psychologically speaking, this is heavy. I realized it while watching a video made by Chinese wishing Italy the best. While watching hundreds of Chinese strangers saying "Italia Coraggio" (meaning Be Brave Italy), tears came down my eyes, warm tears. I felt like tensions need to get out in that form. One way or another, we need to reduce this huge stress we are getting everyday. I think the main source is not knowing what is next. Also to know we are living in this unique emergency which is disrupting our normal lives. For me is even more heavy: I am in Korea, a country hit very badly since the beginning but now doing a bit better, but I am from Italy a country who is not the center of the concern. It has been 3 months living with this stress, checking infection spreading like checking the enemy war progress... checking the number of infected and deaths. Meanwhile I need to cheer up because I have two young kids who don't need to feel this... we say what is happening but they don't need to see that even parents do not know what is going on.