The Anarchist Constitution

blendletan 7 months ago

We the children hate the Teachers who bully by brainwashing, beatings, and controlling all our property and economic activity. We have determined we do not believe in school or Teachers anymore. From now on, it shall be all day recess, and no kid should make up a dumb rulebook to turn themselves into the new Teacher and bully everyone.

Amendment: The Bill of Rights

Ok, we figured out how one kid always makes himself into a Teacher in some way. After all, the Teacher’s power always seems to depend on brainwashing us in some way. The way they do it is by setting up monopolies and then brainwashing everyone into believing that monopolies are a benefit for the kids in cases of goods and services of negative economic value. The grown ups call them protection rackets. So, the Teacher protects us from brainwashing, the State protects us from gangs, and OPEC protects us from oil shortages. Therefore, to make sure we don’t fall for that trick, we celebrate the three ways that freedom of bullying protects us from Teachers:

  1. Every kid has the right to think and speak and listen for themselves, construct their own mental narratives, feel their own feelings, and choose for themselves which associations to belong to. If there is anyone who wants to monopolize and then protect all the kid’s minds, like a teacher, or their hearts, like a preacher or Disney executive, or their associations like a Mark Zuckerberg, well then, we shouldn’t trust them.

  2. Every kid has the right to hold their sword and protect themselves from kids doing bad things. Any time one kid forms the Crips or Bloods or Police, and explain how they are protecting us, we shouldn’t believe in any of that malarkey.

  3. Every kid has the right to produce whatever good or service they desire and trade them freely. Should one kid monopolize a good or service to protect us from other kids doing it wrong we should all get together and start competing with them right away. If we use a system of coupons, then it should not be one kid who we trust with the coupon system. That kid is definitely making up extra coupons for themselves, even if they have to mount a 51% attack on BTC. No, it should be each kid has the right make up their own coupons, and a free market for which currency to use.

Everyone always focuses on conceiving a system of government by making up rulebooks, but those only slow the power-hungry kids down. Also, the rules depend mostly on people believing them, with threats being a backup mechanism. Look at the way some BLM kids just brainwashed everyone into believing police aren’t real no more! So it doesn’t matter what rules we write down, just that nobody in their hearts and minds gets tricked into actually wanting a protection business.