A Fitbit device can start a good life transformation


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Fitbit story

*My 2 weeks story since I started using again my old Fitbit Alta HR that few days later got upgraded to the Charge 3. Also how I removed all my PCs from my home to make space for my daughter room and family time while spending hours walking discovering natural paths around my cities which made me realize it was time to get a bike, this and more after the paywall that is waiting for you.

In two weeks I lost more than 3 kg and moved like never before in my life. I suspect this is also a consequences of the pandemic, now that in Korea the situation is relatively better, the wish to spend more time outside is quite strong.

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first key clue is "DmbZMNFby" ^_^

To make my readers more curious, I added a kind of puzzle within the text that will lead you to get a 10$ gift card in BSV.

note well, the fastest and the smartest user will get it. There is only one price, it is not so easy to find it fast so keep trying, keep reading ^_^

Just think this is a way to make you more eager to interact, it is a way to push adoption