Here is a 21e8miner via signing with a randomK value vs. generating new private key/public key pairs each time.

joshua 1 year ago 21e8javascriptcode

This also incorporates synfonaut's API call to automatically query for magic numbers from

Code is commented to explain further.

Check out this thread for reference:

Clone Dean's repository per his git:

Once cloned the Git repository into a local directory, run the following steps instead of the ones on GitHub:

  1. Cd into whatever directory the code is located
  2. Run 'npm install secp256k1'
  3. Run 'npm install'
  4. Setup miner ID by running 'node minerid'
  5. Create a new .js file (named whatever, ex. 'randomK.js')
  6. Copy the contents behind this paywall into the js file created in step 4.
  7. Run 'node randomk' - to run the optimized miner.

Let me know of any questions. Leave them in the comments here or reach out to me on Twetch or Twitter.