Corona Virus

ruthheasman 1 year ago

The best way to handle the Corona virus is to avoid catching it if at all possible. To that end, here are all the things you probably already know:

Stay at home, avoid crowds, or going out at all if possible. If you must leave the house, wear a mask and goggles (you can catch viruses via the mucous membranes of your eyes), glove up and remove all, including shoes before re-entering your house. Wash surfaces carefully with antibacterial soap, bleach cloths every day (soak them in warm water with a splash of bleach for 20 minutes or so), wash cotton towels and sheets on a hot setting. Wash hands assiduously, or as I like to say, every verse end. Wash with warm water and soap, or use alcohol gel if you’re out and about. Wipe down surfaces using a bleach containing kitchen or surface cleaner and put a little bleach into your bucket when you mop the floor. Buy extra food and water now if you can so that you can avoid going out if the shelves become empty or your neighbourhood is locked down.

As the news unfolds, it seems that this virus may likely be a weaponised form of flu, so it’s possible there aren’t any foolproof measures that will guarantee survival, but we can at least try.

It seems the most important thing to note is that the Corona Virus is susceptible to heat, so the second best thing you can do after not catching the virus, is