Gemscape Online BSV users result

framore 1 year ago gemscapefoodbsvshoppingusage

I ran a survey on about online purchase and food online purchase with BSV and now I would like to share with you the results.

Survey Graph

This is interesting for me, since I have been selling food online with BSV for about an year, trying to use the experience of selling food online and offline for 9 years in South Korea. You will read more about the survey and my experience as a merchant buying the 10 cents article. Note well I am blogging using only on chain tools such as Bitcoinfiles, that means for me also paying to upload pictures, plus writing here and so the tiny fees is a way fit the same paradigms and nothing more than this.

I will also share my experience of the tool used for the survey, Gemscape where I paid each user around 26 cents to take the survey... and by the way there is still budget for you, so you can get the 26 cents and come back here to leave 10 cents and read this article ^_^